Latkes and Neuroses


I “received” this hypothetical note from my Bubbie (grandmother), from the old country, whom I never met but who somehow lives in me.

Deh latkees its finshd. But deh cheeldrin camming chome dis veek, int zey vant chev latkees, soh, vee mekkin latkees agenn int chev partee mit frintz int deh cheeldrin int deer frintz tew. Latkees yew kin itt innytyme ass long ass deer frish. Eym mekkin beek challah int lats mor fuud. Chev eh goot challaday. Ey vish yew lats uff nachas [good wishes].

Luf, Bubbie

p.s. “All neuroses are an excuse for legitimate suffering.” Carl Jung


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