Owl in the Tree

As I hit the trail for my run, a woman walking past said there was an owl in a tree further on. I got excited. I’ve never seen an owl in the wild before. Within moments on the trail, I saw it, just like in the zoo, books, and movies, an adult gray owl perched prominent on a tree branch; most of the leaves fallen. Wowing out loud, I slowed down, watching this amazing creature. As I passed by, its head turned a 180 – so cool – and then it swooped across the trail to the next tree with an impressive wingspan spreading large strong feathers. Surely, there’d be some random mice meandering around in the unseasonably warm weather. I was sorry not to have my camera. Another woman approached on her way home from work, and I paid the cue forward. She perked up saying she’d never seen a wild owl before either. We ooed and awed and the owl swooped over to another tree.

The river was silver and still this afternoon, with a fair number of folks running and cycling. I looped back as the sun slipped away leaving the sky flaming in shades of orange.  Sunset burned like embers from a strip of dark trees at the horizon, and the river glowed below.

I regretted not having my camera because the owl was real, the sunset was magnificent, and this is a true story.

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One Response to Owl in the Tree

  1. Stephen says:

    Who needs a camera when you can describe these sights so beautifully.

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