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A breath of freedom

I’ve committed to a monthlong self-improvement project, a familiar oxymoron. It’s an experiment in intention, self-discipline, listening, communication, and insight. I wouldn’t go so far as to expect change. Change is a big word with a mind of it’s own … Continue reading

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Take Action and Make Choices

The last sit with the Buddhist monk from Perth was filled with sweetness. Given our impending winter, the difficulty/risk of road travel, and the monk’s own schedule of travelling to Europe, the far east, and California, his next visit will … Continue reading

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Move your Body, Move your Mind

A few years ago, I had a goal to try a gamut of dance styles. I wanted to stretch my corporeal education and stimulate my creativity. I took some lessons. I learned new things. I partially met my goal. Recently, … Continue reading

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Chicken Soup for the iPhone

I hate holding on recorded message loops.   I wanted to speak to an agent. After connecting with the wrong department, I’d been swept onto a voice message treadmill that squawked at regular intervals to continue to hold. It was … Continue reading

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Whipping around at 34,000 feet on a 777 was a good metaphor for my recent state of mind – flighty. I’ve felt unhinged from a healthy paced and balanced life, and this trip, planned months ago, came at the right … Continue reading

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