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Buoyant in Blessing and Bread

Mist or mystery… This is a Reconstructionist Jewish service.  One foot grounded in tradition, the other foot planted in the present moment.  We sit in pews at the Unitarians.  Sunlight floods the hall and a view of leafy trees and … Continue reading

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Friends, Buddies, Cannibals

There’s a million reasons to be friends with someone. A common denominator amongst my friends is that I admire them for one reason or another. And buddies… my writing buddies meet monthly for a marathon evening of serious reading and … Continue reading

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A weekend writing retreat reminded me that the craft is an interactive process: write, read, receive feedback, revise. There were key topics presented, discussions, and reading buddies, in a beautiful setting with hiking, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, an engaged group, interesting … Continue reading

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The Plumber and I

Girls need to learn how to take care of themselves and their homes. When my computer melted down I called on my software genius neighbour; when the basement flooded, the insurance company; squirrels squatting in the attic, the pest control … Continue reading

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Wander, Wonder

A few months ago, I woke up in a dark empty room. Something drew my attention to a ribbed gray garage door occupying the entire opposite wall. I was surprised to find myself in this room looking at this strange … Continue reading

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Grains of Sand

When I sweep aside my struggles, each and every one of which seems almost as important as anything else, a warm light glows steady. It’s humbling, and a great gift to share in it with you. I am comforted both … Continue reading

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I’m on my way…

“I’m on my way to the Lord,” he said last summer in the garden. My father passed this morning.  I am grateful for the sweetness, love, and grace shared together these last few weeks.  My father:  joy, love, compassion, dedication, … Continue reading

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