Yoga and Wine

After the theatre, I felt tired so I lay down on my yoga mat. Not everyday offers a Saturday afternoon savasana. I placed a yoga tune up ball under a knot buzzing near my shoulder blade. This blasted its voltage, making me pant and lie taut until the burning spread, thinned and defused and finally, I breathed easier, my body relaxed, and I entered a netherzone of blessed rest. Nothing disturbed me in this unplugged, suspended, nonverbal, nonsleep, nonawake state. When the spell left me, cleared, almost an hour had elapsed.

Then, onto the next party. Wine, food, conversation, and shy 3-year-old Nita climbed up, sat on my lap, played with my dress and hair, and kissed me. Nice fix!

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One Response to Yoga and Wine

  1. Stephen says:

    Kissed by a three year old…so sweet đŸ˜€

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