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The richness of silence

The space around utterances in all art, what remains unspoken, unseen, unheard, can hold at least as much, if not more weight as what is visible, audible, even tangible.  The iceberg effect says we are privy to only a small … Continue reading

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Windsurfing on a Swamp

Ever tried windsurfing?  On a swamp?  In Africa? Cool story, called “Swamp Surfing.”  Check it out:

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Back to Yoga

I’ve been playing hooky. Haven’t been to yoga class for a couple months. After a terrible frigid long winter with mountains of snow and freezingness, I can’t get enough of being outside in the summer. Every day I’m by the … Continue reading

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The Face in the Tree

On my Joni Mitchell Classics bike ride, I got caught in a web of shadows and light along the trail. I stopped and looked around for good photo reception. A man walking down the path asked me if I lost … Continue reading

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Have a Happy Moment :D

When we walked in yesterday, my father lay propped up in bed in his hospital gown with his eyes closed, oxygen tubing off, and IV running. He barely noticed our arrival, hemming and hawing and oying after dabbling in his … Continue reading

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Pause, breathe, relax, listen

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Addiction: an enhanced learning mode

My kids grew up on Disney, Dreamworks and Warner Bros with characters like Aladdin, Shrek, the Madagascar penguins, and Harry Potter. Let’s not forget the Sherlock Holmes series since. They’ve watched these films enough that they rhyme off total scenes … Continue reading

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