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Dismantling Paradise

  Imagine paradise in a state of emergency. Rubble and bodies everywhere, panic, suffering, despair, illness arising. This week I’m thinking of ones tragically caught in disaster. Our tradition teaches that we are born alone and we die alone, though … Continue reading

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Darwin Revised

There will be three moves this week in our family:  A moves within D, B moves to C, and then A moves via C to E transiently.  Such is youth’s mobility, though we all sense uncertainties at every stage of … Continue reading

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Massive Bodies and the Sound of Gravity

Great cosmic events may not be visible to the human eye, but we can hear them. Exploding quasars or colliding neutron stars create black holes: enormous mass densities with intense gravitational fields so strong that not even light can escape, … Continue reading

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I went for my inaugural bike ride of 2015. Without a grease-up, tune-up, or pump-up, my bike purred and I could barely stop from smiling the whole hour. I didn’t plan exactly where I’d go, half expecting snow somewhere along … Continue reading

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The Surgical Pause

In the mission to improve “Caring for Caregivers”, mindfulness of caring starts with taking care of oneself.

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I was born a No Name gumbee with body, mind, heart, and some sweet sticky stuff to glom them together. What differentiates me from you is maybe a millimetre or light years; stuff like century, culture, family, education, socioeconomic, girl, … Continue reading

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Right Turn

There is a safe place where things are simple, the world is manageable, people are helpful, the food is good and you can walk, mostly… You mind the gap holding hands. It’s plain and plenty, fun and wonderful… Stop. Turn … Continue reading

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