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Black Thumb

When it comes to gardening, it’s best letting others do it. My black thumb is a family joke. Watching perennials grow and waiting for roses to bloom is the perfect way for plants to go to seed and overrun their … Continue reading

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Recipe for “The Day”: Pumpkin Muffins

  The past stirs up sadness, the future, concern. How can we stoke the present to bring today alive with things that inspire us, relax us, make us feel, stretch, pleasure us, cause us to pause, make us celebrate, sing, … Continue reading

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Movement Milestones

Ever watch a baby learn to roll over? It’s entertaining, fun, and totally miraculous. As adults we make use of the same manoeuvre. At the end of yoga class, we lie on our backs in savasana, corpse pose, with our … Continue reading

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Going Whole Hog

  I made a deal to cooperate with the universe. Then I decided to embrace the current wave of simplifying and downsizing. In addition to shrinking my diet and enlarging exercise and fluids, I’ve officially started a self-imposed gut rehab … Continue reading

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Mandatory or Optional

I’ve given up caffeine.  Totally.  Zero-tolerance.  For one month. I’m also on a self-imposed strict regime of less inkohol, less food and more water, as well as cutting all intake after an earlier dinner. I’ve named this “airplane month” meaning … Continue reading

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Clearing the Dungeon

My basement scares me. Especially that section under the table with old boxes of stuff needing sorting and tossing. I’m spending more time in the basement lately, on my elliptical, as part of an obligatory program to clear and reconfigure … Continue reading

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March On

February was the coldest month since the 1880’s for Toronto. A record number of pipes burst in Ottawa and we endured a surprisingly absent pre-Winterlude thaw. We deep-freezed, like it or not. Just before March arrived, something shook my motivation … Continue reading

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