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Break in Paradise

On an island in the Caribbean I took a holiday with my two youthful daughters on their reading week, attended a meeting, and skipped a bitter cold piece of Ottawa winter. I was due for a personal pilot light tune … Continue reading

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Chance or Karma

Heads or Tails? Winning and losing are relative to expectations and desires, as easily exchanged as hats. What does winning mean when you flip this coin? Meet the 2015 two-nie.  The new currency of karma:  what I said and did … Continue reading

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The Impermanence of Princess Moments

In the midst of dancing and dipping, prancing and flipping, my princess moment broke from a disagreement over a computer. Really? Not just a computer… A mouth says no with heat and light, fire and ice. After ripping the angry … Continue reading

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Yoga and Wine

After a weeklong of work activities, early morning meetings, evening powows, phone calls with kids, and flurries of email, Friday arrived with its seductive TGIF invitation. No rest for this wicked one as I dashed home, showered, pulled on spandex, … Continue reading

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