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Pace Bunny

I happened to meet an 87 year old woman the other day. She continues to work full-time leading a group of child educators for autistic children. She is in excellent health and has been working in this field for decades. … Continue reading

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Winter mist

Brilliant sunshine partially compensates for winter’s deep freeze. Unlike two weeks ago when a buddy resuscitated my frozen baby Honda instead of CAA’s 20 hour wait, this morning was a refreshing -12 degrees and bright. As I drove to work … Continue reading

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The unfolding of dog karma

  Walking home this frigid afternoon, a medium-sized dog spotted me from a distance, stood up straight, locked eyes, and bore down, pulling on his lead despite his master’s reprovals. He gazed into my eyes and then stood next to … Continue reading

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Hit the Ground, it’s 2015!

I’m already overcommitted and we’re two weeks into 2015. Not that a bunch of meaningful goals for the year with activities to match is a bad thing. Squeezing them into the day/week/month/year tucked around my day job and then doing … Continue reading

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84 forever!

Champagne flowed on my father’s 92nd birthday. He even had two glasses, expressed his pleasure with them, and was in top cognitive form, relatively speaking. “How old are you, Daddy?” I asked. “82,” he said. “Really, are you sure?” “83…” … Continue reading

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