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Night Ride

I didn’t mean to get caught in the dark on the river. It was 5 pm when I mounted my bike for a loop down the river, canal, farm and back but on Oct 24th, sunset happens at 18:01 hrs. … Continue reading

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Sunday or Saturday

I may be coming down with a weeklong case of early Alzheimer’s. My daughter is in town for her fall reading week. She said her sister bought her bus ticket and chose a return at 1 am instead of 1 … Continue reading

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Under Attack

  Yesterday I came home early after a morning meeting at work. I tucked in with my computer, imagining aromas of java at the local coffeeshop, when my iPhone pinged with my daughter’s message, “Don’t go downtown!”. Several minutes of … Continue reading

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Warrior Won

  Last weekend I graduated from yoga teacher training. On the last day, I woke up foggy and groggy. Our major freeway in town is under serious construction and the Sunday morning traffic jam got me gripping the steering wheel … Continue reading

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Get down and dirty

Nothing’s deep when you’re crawling around on the floor. The world of mud is right here, before our eyes, ready for the wrestling, once we see it. Some sticky situations require superficial layers peeled off, swept away, shovelled, pick-axed, dynamited … Continue reading

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The real secret…

  The first time I met this smiling gentle 72 year-old woman who looked 50, I asked what her secret was and cupped my hand by my ear to catch all her wisdoms and tricks. “A good husband,” she said. … Continue reading

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Laptop Lingerie

  I admit I had a relationship with my laptop. It was deadly fun, mischievous, and pretty delicious. On my latest travels, I almost succumbed to slipping it into its own silky covering. I imagined my virtual relationship becoming “real.” … Continue reading

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