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Boids of Paradise

Bird watching can be interesting and entertaining. These exotic creatures, dressed to the nines, create ornithic yoga and memerizing tree tango accompanied by syrinx mantras to attract a mate. Cute silly males – they don’t realize it’s also the girl … Continue reading

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Hungry Ghosts and Wild Pigs

I was determined to relearn to relax during this year’s summer holiday. The first night in our beautiful French villa, after a seductive wine and food feast, I hit the sack hard. In the middle of the night, I sat … Continue reading

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Ain’t Nobody Here but Us Chickens

I was going to say something pseudo-profound about chicken-moments but Emilie-Claire Barlow shows that no matter what you say, style counts.  

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Smell the coffee

  Today I chatted with a woman born in 1919. That makes her… 95 years old. She talked about how she used to have to piddle every hour until she quit coffee, which solved the problem. After a year of … Continue reading

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“I’m on my way to The Lord”

  My father was never a religious man. A hard worker and social animal, he loved family, friends and customers, and cracked jokes at every opportunity. Now at 91-1/2, he’s shrunken and frail, with Alzheimer’s that overwhelms his thinking and … Continue reading

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Bent Light

  You know you’re not standing at the equator, with sunrays slamming down on your head when day’s end stretches and lounges into sunset instead of the rapid plunge into darkness of the tropics. The sun skids slo-mo into the … Continue reading

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A moment of supreme stupidity

I reread something I wrote two days ago. What?! Oh Gawd! Did I write that? A half-baked half-true vague vulgarity! Needing industrial strength definition and Extreme idea development, plus a serious edit. Ah, the writing life, full of trip ups, … Continue reading

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