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Race to Relax

Speeding down the Rideau Canal along the edge between high and low pressure systems, I raced home before the rain slammed down. “Camions Sauvages” blasted my brain, and my skin pinged with tiny fresh rain droplets. The blue blanket side … Continue reading

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Help is a four-letter-word

I can be uncomfortable asking for help. Who wants to be the incompetent loser dumbass of the class? Later, sometimes years later, after I’ve worked up my nerve to get help, I wonder what all my fuss was about. Let’s … Continue reading

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You’re such a card!

After a series of interactions that “push my buttons” in one way or another, events naturally replay in my mind and I start to recognize familiar patterns of behavior. I can almost plot a mental bar graph of the frequency … Continue reading

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The 12th Commandment

12. Don’t let go… of the wrong thing. There’s a lot in today’s popular self-helpology about the concept of “letting go.” Cutting destructive habits like smoking or never exercising can improve one’s quality of life. When relationships feel stagnant and … Continue reading

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Holy Holy, Mahatman!

You don’t have to be religious or believe in god to appreciate the sanctity of life and how precious each moment is. The average modern woman lives 81 years, or approximately 29,565 days, or about 42 million minutes, or a … Continue reading

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Stillness in Movement

I’ve been privileged to witness David Parsons perform “Caught” live on two occasions. The thrill of beholding this stunning dancer articulate the joy of movement, and seem to float in silent still images above the stage, took my breath away. … Continue reading

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Redo not Undo

  Memoir writing is a practice of creating a story from events in our lives that integrates them with meaning not necessarily evident at the time the events originally occurred. Our past is not erasable (can’t really “undo” events) but … Continue reading

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