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Nipple confusion

Nipple confusion: a condition thought by proponents of breast feeding to lead to an infant’s inadvertent rejection of the mother’s nipple in favour of the bottle. The sucking action is different with a bottle, and babies get formula with less … Continue reading

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Knitting is the new yoga or meditation

Knitting has been shown in studies to reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, improve concentration and focus, and even reduce risk of Alzheimer’s disease as reported recently by CBC, CNN and others. Knitting is for everyone. One burly biker interviewed said … Continue reading

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What is Here and Who is Now

Paths cross eyes entwine words heard hands held hearts warmed time unknown creative flow persons grown blessed bread bouquet du vin    

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Universe Two-niverse We-niverse Multiverse

The universe A 15 billion-year-old bubble in which we live. A person including their personal and ancestral memories, cultural framework, past, present and future. The multiverse Bubbles of universes comprising all space, time, energy, and matter that exists. A neat way … Continue reading

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Bioidentical Cherries

  I found several sets of siamese cherries and singles with external outgrowths in the bag. Non-organic, non-hormone-free, American sourced, they were juicy and sweet, under the skin.

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Two breath haikus

  One breath says everything. Breathe, one beautiful breath. One breath does everything. Breathe, one breath at a time.  

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All in a day’s work

Boost your bandhas Raise root chakra Lift your spirits Bottoms up Outies to innies maxis to minis Suspend and shear it Refill the cup Shrink and tighten Support and enlighten for days of sports and ease and grace Trim and … Continue reading

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